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Weekly Harvest, May 31- June 6, 2019

The goumi bushes standing empty, resting up for another bountiful harvest in 2020, two other berry varieties growing on our homestead begin to ripen. Alas, one of them befell a calamity a few days ago, which I will get to in a moment.

Before the photos, I have to say that I picked lambsquarters for supper at least once during this period, but forgot to photograph them.

First, the last day of May, 2019, provided a few of three different berries. Some goji berries…

…a nice handful of mulberries (more and more, I’m harvesting from the ground rather than the tree)…

…and a couple of raspberries. They are SO AWESOME that I eventually hope to quadruple the number of canes that we grow.

The first of June, there were no berries to be had. I only harvested some broccoli leaves for supper.

June 2, 2019, was a bit more bountiful, in variety of harvests if not amount.

The purple juice in the photo below was from the mulberries, which I separated out for photographing purposes.

Two strawberries! Not rotting! Surprise, surprise!

The aforementioned mulberries. Several I picked up off the dirt and so needed rinsing. Thus, the colander.

This represents three cups of sugar snap peas!

I can’t remember if I harvested these later, or what. Or maybe these were the younger peas I picked that day?

Finally, I remembered to take a picture of lettuce harvested from my indoor garden!

On June 3, I was SO EXCITED to harvest the first blueberries, almost an entire cup! The four blueberry bushes were replete with berries in various stages of ripening, and I just knew this year’s harvest was going to be better than last years!


…the sad story, coming up. Stay tuned!

I got another nice handful of gojis that day, too.

On June 4, wow, about a cup and a half of ripe blueberries!

But thunderstorms were predicted…

On the fifth of June, I got a nice handful of raspberries and a few mulberries.

I also ferreted out enough kale from the few plants I have growing to have a bit for supper.

I harvested more peas, too. Normally, they’re kaput by this time of year, but the unusually cool and cloudy weather have kept the plants happy.

These peas I harvested in order to shell out the mature green peas and steam them (let me tell you, they were delicious!).

These were younger peas that we ate with our lunch rice.

In the meantime, the storms had come. Torrential rain, and strong winds. (Cue scary music here.)

The next day, I went out to harvest blueberries…and discovered devastation. (Cue sad music here.)

The following video explains it all.

I harvested the following foods on June 6. Right below are the blueberries. The ones in the smaller container are the ones that were ripe, some from the bushes and some from the ground.

The ones in the larger container are the not-quite-ripe-but-good-enough blueberries that I picked up off the ground. They’re sour, but will be good in smoothies.

On the bright side, I had a really good goji berry harvest that day.

Two whole raspberries and five mulberries rounded out the harvest. Unless I foraged for lambsquarters that day.

Happy growing!










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