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Weekly Harvest, May 24-May 30, 2019

Our harvest this past week is going to look much the same as last week’s. Except for a few berries that started shriveling up before they matured, all of the goumi bushes have been picked clean. And the blueberries aren’t ready yet, so I’m happy for a mini-berry-picking-vacation!

The asparagus is about done for, and if a strawberry isn’t rotting by the time I see it (and it’s ripe enough to pick), a slug has attacked it.

All that to say, not much about this past week’s harvest will be impressive. However…I did harvest a couple of firsts, and I am finally  getting tired of eating peas!  This is the first time that has ever happened.

This photo is from May 24. We (my husband and I; our son hasn’t eaten a vegetable for years) did not eat all these peas in one sitting!

The following  photos show what I harvested on May 25. I got small amounts of a variety of berries.

First, a few more goji berries.

A small handful of mulberries and the last bit of goumis.

Miracle of miracles, two ripe strawberries that hadn’t started to rot.

For lunch or supper, I probably could have picked more peas. But, I didn’t. I harvested some of the last good asparagus of the season…

…as well as the few leaves I could get off the two kale plants that volunteered in our front yard. (The rabbits don’t like kale, hallelujah!)

On May 26 – look look look! – I decided the very first cucumber was big enough to be harvested. I shared it with DH for lunch, and added some basil leaves to mine.

For supper, I foraged some lambsquarter leaves.

And we had some peas with it, too.

More mulberries on May 28. A few weren’t quite ripe (the purplish ones) because it’s really hard to see which fruits are completely black when you’re looking up into the tree.

Or, they’d fallen to the ground and they were still good and I didn’t want to waste them.

Two items from May 28. This single strawberry:

And a few more asparagus stalks (I think we had lettuce from my indoor garden with it, but I forgot to take a picture).

Most of these asparagus stalks had grown tall and begun sprouting smaller stalks along the main stalk.

On May 29, I picked so many mulberries that I was able to eat them as my afternoon snack!

On May 30, I sprayed a fungicide (organic and homemade) on the mulberry tree, and found these three berries on the ground.

For lunch, we had yet more sugar snap peas with our rice. I had some dill, as well.

Also, more lambsquarters for supper We’re eating lambsquarters twice a week until we’ve used what I can find, or it’s gone to seed.

Somewhere in there, I had more basil, too, but we’ll eat herbs so often that I’m not going to take a picture of every single harvest of them. 😉

Happy homesteading!

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