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Weekly Harvest, May 17-May 23, 2019

Our harvest this week was much the same as last week, except with more mulberries and more sugar snap peas. As with the past couple of weeks, most of my harvest time was spent picking goumis.

Here’s what I harvested from our vegan homestead on Friday, May 17.

First, the goji berries. I think this is more than I’ve ever harvested at one time. We have three bushes in twenty-gallon pots; these berries come from two of the bushes.

Goji berries of varying sizes.

We’ve been growing the goji berry bushes for four years, and this one is the largest I’ve ever seen!

How big can a goji berry get?

This next photo represents nearly a quart of goumi berries!

Goumi berries

But that wasn’t all that day! I had to put the above berries in the freezer, then go out and pick some more. Look how many more were ripe:

Yet more goumis!

It was a day for berries, because I also found some ripe mulberries!

Black mulberries

Miracle of miracles, I found three sweet strawberries that had little to no rot on them, and which hadn’t been discovered by the rodents that have been sneaking into the orchard at night!

Strawberries fresh from the garden!

We’re still on the May 17 harvest! For supper, we had a combination of asparagus…

Garden-fresh asparagus.

…and sugar snap peas, mixed in with the grated carrot and sprouted legumes that always form the base of our nightly salad. I steam the asparagus, but the peas I cut up and mix into the salad raw.

A harvest of sugar snap peas.

Can you guess the first thing I harvested on Saturday, May 18?

As you can see, I didn’t have nearly as many goumis to pick that day. Which, frankly, was a relief!

That was it for the eighteenth. On May 19, the first thing I harvested were a few more gojis. I picked a few of them a bit too green, oops.

Yet another quart of goumis. I photographed this one so you could see how deep the container is. By this batch, I could tell that my days of picking goumis were numbered. Two of the four bushes were almost completely clean and a third was mostly done.

For our supper salad, we once again had chopped up sugar snap peas and steamed asparagus as the “greens.”

What did I pick on May 20? Something that grows freely, without any cultivating or planting, near our jujube trees. Lambsquarters! I forgot to photo them before I cooked them.

Steamed lambsquarters

May 21 was a low-harvest day, too. But, hey! I’ve already harvested at least three times the mulberries than I did last year.

On May 22, no fruit, but these veggies again:

Were we getting tired of eating asparagus and peas by then? Nope! 🙂

Fruit again on May 23. More mulberries, and a single strawberry.

You have to know that at this point, I’d ripped out most of my June-bearing strawberries (I’m going to buy an anthracnose-resistant variety this fall and plant them elsewhere, where mice and rats can’t get at them), so I’m excited if I even find one strawberry that hasn’t rotted or been eaten.

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