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Hello, dear reader!

I do a lot of work to provide helpful, up-to-date information on this blog about gardening, homesteading, and plant-based eating. If you appreciate the information you receive, please consider supporting the blog in one of three ways.

The first two won’t require any extra cost on your part.

First, if I link to a product, and you click on the link and end up wanting to buy it, please purchase it through that link on my blog. I explain all about that here.

Second, if you subscribe to my Homesteading Vegan YouTube channel (to be up and running soon), watch as many videos as possible and, once advertisements stream at the beginning and/or end of of them, please let the ads run for at least thirty seconds before clicking “Skip ads.”

Third, tell all the vegans and wannabe homesteaders you know about this blog!

Another way to support this blog will be a small cost to you: purchase one of the books you see in the sidebar. Or any other of the books you find at my Amazon author page.

Thank you for supporting my efforts here at The Homesteading Vegan. 🙂