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Our Harvest, Week Of May 10 – May 16, 2019

How is my spring garden growing? What did I harvest from the garden this past week? A better question would be, what did I harvest from the orchard? Because most of our bounty came from there.

From one crop.

Goumis. Or, more formally, goumi berries.

We have four bushes, two of the Goumi Seedling variety, and two of the (I think) Scarlet Crimson variety (the video below has the proper names). It takes me about half an hour to pick a quart of berries, and so far, we’ve picked several gallons of them. I’m pretty sure I’ve got more than double in the freezer than what we had last year.

Besides the goumis, something else from the orchard is exciting me: mulberries! Last year, they got some fungus that mulberries are prone to get, causing most of the berries to fall off before they even got ripe.

This year, while there are signs of the fungus, it’s not as bad (because I sprayed the trees with copper a couple of times last year?), and the black mulberry has many more berries on it, and most of the berries are ripening before they fall off.

Yippee! Definitely will continue spraying the tree a couple of times a year here on out.

From the garden, I harvested several asparagus stalks several times over the past week, several handfuls of sugar snap peas, some goji berries (okay, so not from the garden; we have three bushes growing in pots in front of our house), some leaves from a volunteer kale plant, and some broccoli leaves.

These veggies were part of our salad one night. The sugar snap peas we always eat raw. Kale, asparagus, and broccoli leaves (right) I steam.

Did you know that broccoli leaves are more nutritious than the florets and stalks? They’re tasty, too, though the larger, older leaves have a stronger flavor.

In the video, I forgot to mention that I also harvested the last of the existing crop of indoor lettuce. My camera battery was charging at the time I was getting the salad ready, so I didn’t get a photo of it.

This past week, I made a pleasant discovery with my spring garden: a salad made of steamed asparagus bits, cut-up raw sugar snap peas, and grated carrot (along with raw, sprouted legumes such as lentils or mung beans) is delicious, especially when dressed with some balsamic vinegar and salt.

More sugar snap peas than I’ve ever harvested at once in 8 years of gardening!

Here’s the video to show what I harvested, when (except, like I said, the lettuce):

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