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Please follow these rules before sending me an e-mail.

1. Do not e-mail me a health-related question. I am not legally allowed to dole out health advice.

2. Do not e-mail me a question that Google can answer in five seconds.

3. If you want to write a guest post, it must be about Veganism, growing food (with no mention of using animal by-products), frugal living, or non-sensationalist information about preparedness. It must be at least 700 words in length, written with proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation, and be SEO optimized without sounding keyword-stuffed or spammy. IT MUST NOT PROMOTE EITHER MLM PRODUCTS OR MLM COMPANIES. I will check out the website it links back to in order to see if it is complimentary to mine, and up to my standards (e.g., if you like to use the “F” word in your blog posts, don’t bother querying me, even if the guest post wouldn’t contain it).

4. If you want to comment about a post, please leave a comment in the comment section under that article.

5. DO NOT E-MAIL ME ABOUT YOUR SEO OR OTHER INTERNET MARKETING SERVICES. If I want such a service, I will seek one of my own accord. And I will blacklist your e-mail and not respond to the one you send, so how about you just don’t waste your time and mine?

All that said, you may contact me at emily at thehomesteadingvegan dot com.