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Hello to you! Thanks for visiting my blog. My name is Emily, and I live in rural southern Oklahoma with my husband and son.


From Dallas to the middle of nowhere!

We moved to this property in early 2014 from the urban sprawl of north Texas, and have learned a lot in the area of food production and self-sufficient living. BUT…we still have a lot more to learn, and when you follow this blog I will share what I am learning.

I have a passion to help people live simpler, more natural lives, and so this homesteading blog is also an outlet to share what I already know along those lines.

Our belief system lead us to homesteading

We believe in living frugally, taking charge of our health using natural means, and in being good stewards over the environment that God created.

A big part of this stewardship includes not using or killing animals, except in self-defense. We don’t use manure or animal-based soil amendments such as blood meal. We don’t have chickens, not even for eggs. We don’t own a horse for pleasure riding, or have goats to milk.

So, yup, homesteading vegans.

Speaking of Veganism…

Twice before in my life I tried consuming a 100% plant-based diet, and both times, I failed.

It wasn’t because my metabolic body type requires animal protein!

Rather, the failures came out of ignorance, out of not understanding my body’s unique dietary needs and that I needed to forget what the gurus said and instead listen to my own body.

Thus, I have a passion to help people stay on a 100% plant-based diet. So among the posts on gardening and frugal living and rain catchment systems, you will see articles that discuss vegan nutrition, and my thoughts on the various fad vegan diets.

Join me?

If you’re a vegan who wants to be more self-sufficient, especially in food, or a homesteader who would like to learn to be less dependent on animals, I invite you to come along with us on our journey! When you fill in the form at the top of the right sidebar, you subscribe to this blog’s RSS feed via e-mail. So whenever I publish a post, you’ll get notified right away!

I hope to get to know you in the comments section of my blog!

Until then, take care, and happy homesteading. 🙂